Monkey Tools

A company made up of industry professionals that desire production tools that are fast, efficient and rock solid.

We created Monkey Tools to bring enhancements to the process that sound designers struggle through every day. For many years, we could not find tools that could meet the rigors of everyday processing tasks. So, we decided to build our own products that not only met our own needs, but met the needs of the production community.

Of equal importance to the tools we build is the support we offer. We know that great products with bad support is a frustrating combination. We strive for excellence in support in order to ensure that our products meet and exceed the desires of our customers. We have taken many steps to create convenient and effective methods of communication for our users. Email, forms and our forums are excellent ways to get answers to your questions quickly. Although we do not offer phone service at this time, be assured that your requests will be answered promptly and we will make every attempt to make sure needs are met in a timely fashion.

Check out our tools and let us know what you think...good or bad we want to hear from you!

- The Monkey Tools Team

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