pictSG_QuoteYou guys rock! Thanks for adding OGG support to Sound Grinder. This application is the bomb!

Joshua T.

pictSG_Quote I recently had a project that required me to find a tool for converting wavs to mono oggs, and every single application I found was junk. They either didn't work, or they only made stereo oggs, or they worked fine for 10 minutes and then stopped. It was problem after problem. Then a friend suggested that I try Sound Grinder. I installed it and was immediately delighted with the ease of use and the amount of control I had over the conversion process (not to mention it actually creates files that work, unlike dbPowerAmp). Sound Grinder is a program of the highest quality. Keep up the great work, and I hope to see many more programs from you in the future!

Josh M.

pictSG_Quote To ensure that my audience gets their files in the right format I went looking for simple and easy-to-use tool that allows for batch conversion to a multitude of different formats. Sound Grinder is - and does - just that. (Batch)conversion using Sound Grinder is a real joy, as the software is both easy-to-use and reliable. Thank you for developing this great tool. It is a must-have for those looking to convert their sound files to various formats. Period.

Jan W. C.

pictSG_Quote Sound Grinder has worked flawlessly every time I’ve used it. This program has made delivering large catalogs of music to clients in whatever format they want a non-issue. You guys rock!!!

Chris H.

pictSG_Quote First, let me say that Sound Grinder is absolutely one of the best programmed utility applications for the Mac that I have ever purchased. I use it as my audio player instead of iTunes and love it!

Michael V. O.

pictSG_Quote We have been Monkey Tools customers for three years. Your Sound Grinder software is excellent and your customer support is absolutely outstanding! Please feel free to give our endorsement to anyone.

Douglas K.


pictSG_Quote I love Sound Grinder - it's made my life easier. So much so that I wrote a blog about it!

Nick D.

pictSG_Quote Thanks for the ultra-fast support. I'm loving Sound Grinder. Good stuff!

Jonathan N.

pictSG_Quote I use sound grinder every day and every time I'm astonished about the speed of all functions, which are easy to use. I especially like the possibility to set all kinds of codecs when I convert. this tool is worth every single cent. and the customer service you provide is first class. Many thanks

Robert S., Austria

pictSG_QuoteThat is the fastest response I have ever received from a tech support email!!! Sounds fantastic, program works well. I will place my order today for the Pro Version. Holy cow, are you guys publicly traded yet-- I'd buy stock.

David L.

pictSG_Quote I'm impressed with the quick replies, shows that MT's support team is really on the ball.

Max B.

pictLMP_QuoteI've used LMPro to do hundreds of sample rate conversions of audio files at a time. I save many hours of time compared to the slow "batch" process of the previous software I used. With LMPro, it's just drag and drop onto a Droplet I create (in just a couple of minutes), and that's it. Simple, easy, and very fast. Plus the droplet is ready for the next batch, with no extra work. It couldn't be easier or more convenient. It's my first call, couldn't live without, must have audio software!

Michael B.

pictSG_QuoteI've contacted Monkey Tools a few times and have always been impressed with the quick replies. You provide the best customer service!

Paul E.