Take Control of Your Audio!

No more sifting through endless files to find the spot you want. Now with iTunes importing, Library Monkey™ can instantly organize and sort your complete library according to your criteria, eliminating hours of sifting, digging and hair-pulling. And just for fun, Library Monkey also features the power Sound Grinder to convert your files while you're at it.

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I've contacted Monkey Tools a few times and have always been impressed with the quick replies. You provide the best customer service!

- Paul E.

Import It

Import your existing audio assets with a simple drag and drop to get up and running quickly. Import text files to quickly add detailed text information for existing audio assets. Rip your CD audio libraries with full track and index support.

Organize It

Organize your assets according to their structure on your system, in the form of Libraries. You can also create Sets, in which you can organize your assets by project, talent, character, time frame, or any criteria you desire. Your Sets can have a hierarchy, and an asset can be in as many Sets as needed. In addition, you can create Smart Sets according to any set of criteria and Library Monkey Pro will keep them up-to-date as you add and modify assets.

Find It

In addition to creating Smart Sets, you can find specific assets quickly by performing a search. The search can be global or limited to specific Libraries or Sets. You can perform searches inside search results as well. Once you have found specific assets, store them in the Bin while you search for more. Once you're finished, select all the assets in the Bin for processing.

Process It

Process your assets with these and many other time-saving features:

  • Process assets with your favorite presets with a simple drag-n-drop using Droplets.
  • Use Rapid Convert™ to activate the Library Monkey processing engine from the Finder, even using your custom presets.
  • Quickly open your selected assets in another application, such as an editor or DAW directly from Library Monkey.
  • Drag an audio asset right from Library Money into your DAW and other application.
  • Copy your selected assets to a desired location and then quickly open them in another application.
  • Perform advanced file processing on your audio assets and then open them in another application.
  • Create presets for quick recall of common settings. Apply advanced naming schemes to the output files.
  • Process using Peak and RMS normalization

And there's more!

  • Share your Library Monkey Database and saved sessions with other workstations.
  • Preview video tracks while auditioning audio tracks in movies.
  • Process the audio tracks in Quicktime movies while retaining the video tracks.
  • Customize 30 User-defined database fields.
  • Use the the Convert Window to process assets without importing into the database
  • View metadata embedded in your assets.

Visit the Features and Screenshots pages to learn more about this Library Monkey's features, or even better download it today to try it in your own studio. We are confident that in its use, you will find that it can be a great tool in your production process.

Next Steps

Whether you are an industry professional, an up-and-coming audio engineer, or someone looking for a great way to process and manage your audio assets, you owe it to yourself to check out all that Library Monkey has to offer.  Download our 15 day full-featured demo and try out the time-saving features and high quality conversion of Library Monkey.