Below are our current product offerings. These products range from Library Monkey Pro, the powerful asset manager to Sound Grinder, the efficiently simple conversion application. We encourage you to review the strengths of each product, and to download the demos. Only in use in your own production environment, will you realize the full potential of these tools. If you need help in determining which application is best for you, simply contact us and we would be happy to assist you.


Library Monkey Pro 2.0

Library Monkey Pro 2.2

Advanced asset librarian, audio and metadata batch processor and waveform editor.

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  Sound Grinder Pro 2.0

Sound Grinder Pro 2.2

Advanced audio and metadata batch-processor with Portion Control and plug-in batch processing.

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Library Monkey 4.1

Library Monkey 4.1

Cost-effective audio asset librarian and batch-processor.

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Sound Grinder 3.4

Sound Grinder 3.5

Your every-day use batch-processor.

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Product Comparison